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Terms and Conditions
Terms and Conditions 
These "Terms and Conditions" govern the relationship between "Web Manager" Ltd. (after called HairExtensionbg.com). These conditions are binding to all users. By clicking on each object, link or button located on the pages of HairExtensionbg.com (except tuning link to "Terms and Conditions"), the user agrees and accepts full undertakes to comply with these "Terms and Conditions."

"Web Manager" Ltd. is a company registered under the Commercial Code of the Republic of Bulgaria, with its registered office:

kv.Oborishte, ul.Asen Zlatarov № 3, UIC: 201521143
Sofia, 1504

When you visit, viewing or using this site you declare that you understand and agree to these same rights and obligations as the legal equivalent of a signed written contract between the parties and accept and agree to comply with the terms of this contract. HairExtensionbg.com reserves the right to modify these terms at any time for any reason and if you continue to use this site after such changes will be considered for approval and acceptance of the changed conditions and contents of this contract.
CountryPriceTime for delivery
BulgariaFree2 working days
2 to 5 working days
7 to 9 working days

If the product is not delivered due to wrong address, or address not found and client payment is made, we will refund amount of the order with deducted cost of courier services.
Payment methods
1. PayPal - worldwide payment
2. Credit or Debit Card - Master Card, Visa Electron, Visa Classic, Euroline, Maestro
HairExtensionbg.com DON'Т RECEIVE and DON'T STORE your card number.
The transaction is made by the leader Bulgarian Bank VeriSign Certified - DSK Bank - DSK Direct Payments


Your order
With the order customer make registration with username and password which can be used to review order details such as: product description, cost, date of order, shipping status and tracking number.
All products offered by HairExtensionbg.com are provided with warranty. Warranty covers only manufacturing defects in the product. All other defects occurred due to normal use, burning the paint or heat treatment equipment, and other intrusions are not covered by the warranty. The warranty period of each product is 1 year. The products come with original / official warranty card from the manufacturer. If found defective product is replaced with another. HairExtensionbg.com is not a party, unless otherwise stated in the guarantee agreement between the buyer and the manufacturer of the product, but would not refuse to assist in resolving possible disputes. Any other claims against HairExtensionbg.com to compensate for damages, rescission of the sale contract, refund of the purchase or replacement of products are excluded and not subject to review. Warranty capture comply with regulations and requirements of the CPA (Law on consumer protection). In general terms satisfied (the product is not damaged by shock, breakage or other interference) company will replace with a new product. In the misspelled item, the company will replace the product with the correct.
Cancel your order
The customer has the right to return goods purchased by him within 7 working days of receiving it. The product must be in original packaging, without traces of use or breach of the presentation of the product in accordance with Art. 55 of the CPA. The product should be returned to the address of the company as to it must be accompanied by proof of purchase (receipts, invoices) and completed form to return or replacement. After verification by the seller, amount of the order will be refunded within 40 working days or replaced by 20 working days. In compliance with the conditions, the product is returned to the buyer who assumes all delivery costs.
HairExtensionbg.com is not an official representative of companies and manufacturers of these products. However, all goods and products offered in this site are new and original and guaranteed by the official representatives of the marks with Warranty.
To make order the customer must be registered. HairExtensionbg.com receive personal data upon registration. Data will be used solely for customer service - receiving and fulfilling orders, delivering information in the form of a newsletter and connection with consumers in case of problems related to the order. HairExtensionbg.com ensure that such data will be disseminated in any form to third parties or used for purposes other than described above. Users who subscribed to our newsletter can unsubscribe at any time.

User account to a specific customer can be deleted from the database of HairExtensionbg.com, together with adjacent data, at any time if desired by the user.
Price of the order
The final price of the order is calculated as the sum of prices of products ordered. All prices include VAT and are subject to change by the time of ordering until the moment of payment. The price is added to the order price and delivery. HairExtensionbg.com has the right to change the prices advertised on the site without notice to users.